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“A party amongst you must be there to promote the good and suppress the evil”
Aal-e- Imran:104

Truth of the matter is that making the Islam current,( Aqamat-e-Deen) is the solitary duty, with discharge whereof, the man has been burdened, in fact, his viceregancy on earth is exclusively purported to meet this end. Advent of the whole chain of Prophets itself was to realize this goal. And especially Muslim Ummah has been so ordained.
And every era had such personages who dedicated their whole lives to this cause Syed Maududi was, one such name in 20th Century. Almighty Allah had given him tremendous qualities of head and heart who used the same to free the enslaved Muslims of the subcontinent. He raised the slogan, ‘we are God’s helpers’ and then spent 24 hours, a day in the service of true faith of Islam for the rest his life.

Our Mission

Jamaat views regarding the three terms ‘Al-Deen’, Divine Order’, and ‘Islamic Way of Life’ as synonyms.

Our mission of ‘Establishment of Deen’ does not mean establishing some part of it, rather establishing it in its entirety, in individual and collective life, and whether it pertains to prayers or fasting, haj or zakat, socio-economic or political issues of the life.

It is incumbent upon a believer to strive for establishing Islam in its entirety without discretion and division, and believer’s real objective is to attain Allah’s pleasure and success in the this world and hereafter, this cannot be realized without trying to establish Allah’s Deen in this world.

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